Peter Ashenden

Ashenden Designs Pty. Ltd.
PO Box 640
Stirling, SA 5152

Phone: +61 414 709 106


Dr. Ashenden received his B.Sc.(Hons) and Ph.D. from Adelaide University, South Australia. He is an independent consultant specializing in electronic design automation (EDA), and is currently engaged as Chief Technology Officer, IC Design, with The Australian Semiconductor Technology Company (ASTC Pty Ltd). He is actively involved in IEEE working groups developing VHDL and related standards, and is past Chair of the IEEE Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC).

Dr Ashenden is the author of The Designer's Guide to VHDL and The Student's Guide to VHDL, coauthor of The Systems Designer's Guide to VHDL-AMS, and author of Digital Logic Design: An Embedded Systems Approach with VHDL and Digital Logic Design: An Embedded Systems Approach with Verilog.

Dr. Ashenden is a Senior Member of the IEEE. He is also a volunteer Senior Firefighter with the SA Country Fire Service.

Clients for whom Dr. Ashenden has consulted include: