Harley Davidson road trip to the outback

So the adventure begins, my love for motorcycles are nothing new and I love my Harley Davidson motorcycles. Combine that with the good old Australian outback and we have our adventure. Travelling the outback by motorbike can simply not compare to travelling by car and caravan, for sure you’ll be in the comfort of your own caravan, but on your bike, you have the thrill of being free and isolated, the wind skimming the side of your face, your surroundings are breath taking and the sound of the bike throttling away provides constant adrenalin.

motorcycle adventureRiding through Kakadu National Park on a motorcycle provided a totally different experience than being isolated in a 4WD, it provides a feeling of closeness to the Aboriginal lands, a feeling of being connected. The park is a world heritage listed site and clearly has an abundance of activities to offer. From bird watching to croc spotting, beautiful nature walks and luscious waterfalls, take a dive in the many swimming spots such has Boulder Creek, Gunlom or Barrk Marlam just to name a few. The history can be seen on many rock faces with some paintings up to 20,000 years old, the artwork shows the areas significance and provides a history of Aboriginal life that existed thousands of years ago.

motorcycle transportThe Kakadu Highway from Jabiru to Pine Creek is made up of 203 km and consists of some of the best motorcycle road surfaces in the Territory. It provides a wonderful ride with a mixture of fast corners and straights. The scenery is captivating with many opportunities to explore nature, the road can seem a little isolated and is not often used by trucks, there are limited opportunities to fill up on fuel so it is recommended to travel with backup fuel, have plenty of water and contact details in case of any mechanical emergency breakdown.

Some of the riders have recommended getting motorcycle transport quotes in cases where a motorbike suffers a catastrophic mechanical breakdown or a rider is no longer able to continue as motorcycle transport can be quite expensive in the outback.

The best thing about experiencing the outback on a motorcycle is that you do not need to own a bike at all.  There are plenty of places that offer outback Harley Davidson adventures such as Central Oz Adventures; you can find them on Facebook.

If you are keen on experiencing Uluru at a different angle then Uluru Motorcycle Tours offer Harley Davidson sunrise tours from $229 where you can experience the beautiful magical sunrise over Uluru and ride  around the base of Ayres Rock and see the wonderful red rock in detail. Book Uluru Motocycle tours here.

There’s more to life

Firstly I’d like to welcome you to the Ashenden blog, here you will find everything about my travel around Australia from tips to recommendations and highlights to places that must be seen. I was tired of slaving away with the same old boring routine, day in and day out. There was nothing to look forward to, no motivation, my drive to climb the corporate ladder was non-existent. I would regularly read travel blogs and was longing to get out in nature.  There was surely something more to life than sitting behind a desk in front of a computer, attending phone conferences and meetings. Every day had the same routine, I would be stuck in the mist of peak hour traffic to and from work, a commute that would normally take 20 minutes can easily take over an hour, when I get home there is barely time to relax and enjoy simple pleasures before a nights rest and waking to do it all again.

So here I am, gave up the nine to five and started to live my life, I’ve started to blog and that keeps me motivated.  If anyone ever wanted to do something and felt they just couldn’t, I suggest to follow your gut, you could spend days and years pondering and wandering ‘what if’. I understand the fear and the unknown, but worrying about something that may or may not happen is what stops you from doing what you love. It is so true that the first step is the hardest, if you know the direction you want to go, you’ll eventually find a way to get there. For sure there will be obstacles and problems you may encounter on your way, it is never a straight path to your destination and that is the beauty of life, work out what you have to do when problems arise, at least you are doing something and not sitting there wandering. So go for it, life could be taken away in an instant, time is precious, once it is gone you can’t get it back.

Stay tuned on my blog and I can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures, I hope it inspires people to get out and take control of their own life.